hayley lose

Hayley works remotely for Dell as an Analyst, a flexible job that afforded her the ability to move to Portland after college.

A native Montanan, she’s one of those rare cold-adapted folks in Portland who giggles when people complain about the cold. Snow days don’t get her down. But she’s not cold, herself—she’s usually the first to turn on the heat in the office, and always greets other office-mates with a smile.

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steph buchanan

Steph is an editor for The Starr Conspiracy, where she works on all assets that go through the agency (offer packages, press releases, whitepapers, blog posts, websites, brochures, print and Web ads, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, etc.).

And no, it’s not a celebrity gossip magazine—The Starr Conspiracy is an integrated business-to-business marketing agency that works with HCM industry innovators

The Starr Conspiracy

Nino Marchetti

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Whiskey Wash, Nino Marchetti brings a sense of refinement and style to the shop, with his curiosities of whiskey books, sniffers and cases.

Whiskey Wash is an in-depth whiskey lifestyle blog, where you can read reviews, learn about tastings and shop for your perfect bottle.

The Whiskey Wash

Carly Ritorto

Carly works remotely for Hughes Systems as a Solutions Engineer.

She hails from Santa Barbara, CA, but has made Portland home for her family. Carly puts the cliche “work hard, play hard,” to good use between her deep commitment to her work and her ability to fully dig in to family life, too. Mom of two kids and two sibling pups, Carly’s your go-to for family-fun ideas in and around Portland.

Hughes Systems

Darsey Landoe

Darsey's an independent designer, photographer and writer who works with non-profits and small businesses. She searches hard for the nugget of truth in every project, then communicates that truth, loud and clear. 

Darsey is also the founder of Pep. 




Greeter and Guard Dog, Poppy is Pep's smallest member, but biggest personality. She's on a permanent retainer with Darsey, but she'll happily freelance on an as-needed basis as a lap-sitter and foot-warmer.

Poppy keeps Pep safe from neighborhood cats, rowdy neighbors and the occasional reflection of herself in the window.


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