$300 per month*

Spread out in a 4' x 6' corner desk and stay awhile. Permanent desk members enjoy a large space fully dedicated to their work, where they can set up a desktop computer (or two) and really dig in. These are ideal for members who expect to be on-site every day. Host brief meetings, store and lock important files, and take on some ownership of Pep itself. 
*with 6-month agreement. $350 for month-to-month. 


fLEX Desk

$175 per month*

Think of it as a glorified coffee shop, but without the chatty neighbors or the clanging dishes. Flex desk members can come and go on a whim, sit somewhere different every time, and charge their portable equipment while they work. Currently not limited by hours, members use an app to know when there's a desk available for them. 
*with 6-month agreement. $200 for month-to-month.